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JEMS provides emergency medical service to the residents and visitors of the unincorporated areas of Franklin Township and the Municipality of Carlisle. We respond to emergencies from 3 locations:

Station 15 (Headquarters) is at 201 E. 6th Street, next to the Franklin Community Park.

Station 19 (Franklin Township Fire Station) is at 3773 Robinson-Vail Road at the intersection of Rabinson-Vail Road and Barbara Drive.

Station 20 (Franklin Township Fire Station) is at 7901 Keays Road, at the intersection of Keays Road and Martz-Paulin Roads.

Our response district covers all of Franklin Township, outside the City of Franklin. It stretches from the Miami Township (Montgomery County) line to the north, the Middletown border in the south, the Madison Township (Butler County) line to the west and Clearcreek Township to the east.

CLICK HERE for service area map.


In 2019 JEMS answered over 1800 requests for service. Over 1200 of these were in Franklin Township and just under 600 were in the Municipality of Carlisle. We were asked to help our neighboring communities over 150 times and were assisted by our neighboring agencies just over 50 times.


JEMS works cooperatively with Franklin Township Fire Department (95 calls) and Carlisle Fire Department (43 times) on motor vehicle crashes, structure fires, and some medical calls.



COVID-19 Resources

Free CPR Classes

JEMS and the City of Franklin Fire Department will be providing CPR training to our residents at NO CHARGE! To sign up for this class residents should call JEMS at (937) 746-3471 or the City of Franklin Fire Department at (937) 746-4542. Students will need to leave their name, address, telephone number and e-mail address and let us know the date they would like to attend. Classes will be held in the training room at the City of Franklin Fire Department, 45 E. 4th Street at the times listed. Instructors are JEMS and CFDF members who completed the American Heart Association CPR Instructor course.

2020 Community CPR/AED Classes have been cancelled until further notice!

If a company or group wants us to provide CPR training for their organization (nursing home staff, factory first aid teams, etc.), we will work with them to provide this at other times, and for a reasonable fee. They will need to call to set this up.


Andy Riddiough  |  JEMS Chief

Jesse Madden  |  JEMS Assistant Chief

Scot Fromeyer   |  JEMS Fiscal Officer



Medic 15

2014 Chevrolet G4500

Medix MSV II

Paramedic Equipped Ambulance


Responds from Station 15 (201 E. 6th St.)

Medic 15-2

2014 Chevrolet G4500

Medix MSV II

Paramedic Equipped Ambulance


Responds from Station 20 (7901 Keays Rd.)

Medic 15-3

2018 Ford E450

Medix MSV II

Paramedic Equipped Ambulance


Responds from Station 19 (3773 Robinson-Vail Rd.)

Medic 15-4

2010 Ford E450

(Originally purchased in 1999, and remounted on a new chassis in 2010)

Braun Raider/LifeStar Remount

Paramedic Equipped Ambulance


Responds from Station 15 (201 E. 6th St.), as needed

Paramedic 15

2017 Ford Expedition

Incident Command

BLS/ALS Equipped

Chief 15

2017 Ford F150

Incident Command

BLS Equipped


JEMS Board

The JEMS Board meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at the JEMS Headquarters station at 5:30pm.

Board Members

Will Bicknell

Carlisle Village


Brian Morris

Franklin Township Board of Trustees


Our funding is provided by levies approved by the residents and supplemented by EMS billing. The levies were passed in 1988 (0.8 mil), 1995 (1.0 mil) and the most recent in 2013 (2.61 mil). The funding estimates we planned for in 2013 allowed for implementation of a structured vehicle and equipment replacement plan, and to provide staffing of 2 ambulances around the clock.


In the September 2017 the JEMS Board was able to approve additional staffing each day. This addition allows us to provide 3 staffed ambulances to the district as personnel allows.



JEMS Headquarters

201 E. 6th Street, Franklin, Ohio  45005

T: (937) 746-3483

F: (937) 746-1508

Interested in joining the JEMS team? 

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